Hello !

karenI ‘m Karen and I am a catholic pastoral worker for the students in Ghent. As a Christian, I want to be available to students who are interested in faith and spirituality. I want to listen to your story, be a compagnion on your journey… I don’t have answers, but travelling and searching together is a good way to look for them. Perhaps you would like to meet other young people who are also searching … believing that there is Someone who suppports them on their way through life.

In Ghent there are many activities for youg people, organised with a christian inspiration.(see the agenda)  Most of them are Dutch, but that doesn’t mean you’re not very welcome ! (There are always people of good will, who ‘ll help with translations)

However, I mention in particular

  • Every Sunday at 11.30 a.m. there is an international Eucharist
    in the Christus Koningkerk in Ghent (Rerum-Novarumplein)
    The Mass is celebrated in English and French.
    For the latest info you can check the Facebookpage of the international community.
  • There is also a service in Dutch, in the crypt of the Seminariehuis (Seminar House), Gouvernementsstraat 12 in Ghent. (near the cathedral).
    every Thursday at 7 p.m.  (except during holidays).
    This celebration is especially oriented towards students and young people. Welcome!
    Afterwards, you can stay to share a simple meal.
  • If you’re looking for other occasions to meet international students
    there is the OBSG:
    Ontmoeting Buitenlandse Studenten Gent. (= Meeting Foreign Students Ghent).
    At Club Van Eyck, all kinds of socio-cultural activities are organised, but there is also room for philosophical and religious meetings. (http://www.clubvaneyck.be/index.htm)
  • Students of the catholic faith
    who wish to celebrate the Divine Liturgy according to the Byzantine Rite
    are most welcome
    in the St Jozefkapel (Chapel of Saint Joseph) in Drongen.
    Every first Saturday of the month, at 6.30 p.m..

    The chapel of Saint Joseph is located in de Oude Abdij, Drongenplein, Drongen
    More info: http://www.byzantijnsekapel.be/